CANRAN Technology/Investments Ltd.


CANRAN provides high quality oil and gas service equipment for international sales through manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe and Far East. In addition to manufactured equipment CANRAN also supplies major components and spare parts for existing oilfield servicing equipment. Our equipment product line includes the following:

Well Stimulation and Pumping Equipment Wireline Equipment
  Cementing and Acidizing Pumping Units
  Frac Pumpers and Blender Units
  Propant Transports and Iron Trucks
  Hot oil and Hot wash units skidded and offroad
  Heavy Oil flush-by and pressure trucks
  Cased Hole Logging and Slickline Units
  Wireline Picker / Crane Units
  Wireline Surface Equipment & Accessories
  Wireline Tools and Completion Equipment
  Wellhead Surface Monitoring Equipment
Mast trucks/trailers
Coiled Tubing Equipment Equipment Procurement
  Trailer, Skid and Truck Mounted CT Units
  Coiled Tubing Tools & Accessories
  Spare parts and consumables
  Supplier of Major Components and Spare Parts
  Refurbished and new artificial lift equipment
  Refurbished and new wellheads

Refurbished and new well servicing

Work-Over, Well Servicing & Drilling Packages
  Spare parts Suppliers
  Accessories Consumables
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